Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hakama Pants

On Tuesday I cut out pieces for the prototype hakama, which I was essentially doing as wrap pants with the outer seams sewn up. Tonight I sewed the bulk of it together, minus the waist band. Overall not bad for a first attempt, but the sewing machine kept having issues that tore the hell out of one pant cuff. I haven't bothered ironing in the front or back pleats, so it's like giant bellbottoms at the moment.

They appear to be about the right size, we'll see after the waist ties are in place. The next one will also be made out of four panels rather than two, so there is more ease with putting in pleats (and possibly sewing them in, too), and putting it all together will be a little more easy as a four panel garment. I'm still not 100% sure how I"m going to handle the waist ties, that is for another sewing night.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hakama Day 1

I've finished drawing up the hakama pattern for my first attempt. It's kind of a mishmash between online instructions and my own modifications. I have the yardage rough cut for it, but some work with an iron is needed first. I think doing it at costume group may be easier, more room to lay out fabric and cut, not to mention iron.

I should have the first attempt done in another day or two, which will show me if the pleats are deep enough or not.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kimono Making for Gaijin

I'm working on a worksheet where you take some basic measurements and make a custom fit kimono, which I'll use if I do a workshop/demo at Naka-Kon. So far I have the first draft that shows what measurements to take, next I'll show where to do the adjustments for the overlap and the collar angle.

[info]drpaisley gave me the title to the worksheet. "Kimono Making for Gaijin". I like it.

Tonight I'll start on the hakama, and this time I mean it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ninja Moo

With Kiyan not sleeping early as I wanted, there was no progress on Samurai Moo tonight. I did however spend a little bit of time doing a little side project with the scrap cow print fabric, Ninja Moo. It's a prototype, needs some reshaping and I need practice stuffing plushes. But here is a quick webcam shot, because I don't feel like dragging out the regular camera.

I'll round out the head a bit more, and trim the curve seam allowance for smoother lines on my next attempt.

Samurai Moo Progress, Day 4, Jacket Finished...


The jacket is finished, although I have to sew on a patch pocket beneath the overlap once I know exactly how the hakama will fit over them. I may start cutting back on the sleeve bulk, it is very full, but incredibly comfortable.

Some of you may remember the first Cowmono I made for Pari when she was around 3.

I'm waiting for a very tired Kiyan to sleep so I can work on Samurai Moo.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Samarai Moo Progress Day 3

And I continue to work at least an hour a night on Samurai Moo. This evening I got the bulk of the jacket assembled, namely putting the front panels onto the back and the sleeves onto the whole thing. It's a big, bulky garment right now because, well, it's a kimono jacket, and because I left plenty of overlap in the front so that I could fit it properly tomorrow before adding collar and cuffs. I meant to fold and iron the length of the collar/cuff material tonight to prep for tomorrow, but put stuff away before remembering. That sets me back about 5 minutes for tomorrow's sewing.

In other news, I took Pari to her first 4-H meeting tonight. She got tired and squirrelly after an hour, but we got some work in on the service project (decorations for delivered meals), met people, heard some of what is coming up, and I got to chat with the Pendleton's of Pendleton Farms for a bit. I know them from Market, so it's always nice to see friends.
A length of pink twill, some cheap buttons, and a bag of polyfill have been purchased for a side project that I'll see about doing after taking care of Samurai Moo project progress tonight. Even with only three items I should have probably asked for a bag, a pillow sized bag of polyfill is very slippery when your hands are full.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Samarai Moo Progress Day 2

Not quite as much progress as I was hoping, but some. I cut out the collar and cuff material, and then some. One thing I hate about doing the long pieces for collar and cuff is that it's easiest to use the selvage as a reference point, so you use a long length of fabric. This time around, since I was just cutting black twill, I decided to cut a whole bunch. So now I have 13 pieces of 5" wide, 8' long pieces of black twill that work perfect. I'm covered for the next several projects.

I was hoping to get something sewn tonight, but I doubt it, so the collar and cuff cutting may be it. At least I made some progress.

And the loaf using the wild yeast is rising nicely, it'll go in the oven in about an hour.
Still waiting for Kiyan to go to sleep. He's in bed, speaking to himself. I may just start cutting the collar and cuff material anyway for Samurai Moo. And since it's mostly straight lines, possibly get it done before midnight.

In parallel news, I've figured out what to do with the Ninja Moo concept. More on that later.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Samarai Moo

I'm going to finish the Samurai Moo outfit this week, even working just an hour a night on it should be enough. If I can finish the complete pinstripe kimono in under 3 hours from cutting until it was completely assembled, a kimono jacket and hakama shouldn't take more than 10 hours, probably less. I'll work on the cow print kimono jacket starting tonight, since I have that pattern down real well.

Samarai Moo

Samurai Moo needs to be done in under 2 months, for the anime con in KC March 13-15. I've been planning (and annoying you, my dear readers) about it for months, now I'm actually cranking it out.

Last year I did a simple pinstripe ankle length kimono for the anime con, and timed how long it took. Under 3 hours from cutting out to finished garment (not counting the obi, never quite figured out how to make one that I really like). So I know at least the jacket shouldn't take too long, even if I do add a few details like contrasting collar and cuffs.

So for this progress report, despite the process being interrupted by a sick Kiyan (see previous post if you want the brief but gross details), I have the back, front panels and sleeves cut out in my lovely cow print fabric. I'll cut out the black twill for collar and cuffs tomorrow, and might even get it assembled, along with ties to keep it closed.

Then I get to tackle the hakama.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


The KCCG tea went well, endless pots of a variety of tea, a four course dinner (soup, salad, entree and fondue), most people dressed in Victorian/Steampunk outfit. Here's a group photo of everyone who attended, minus whomever took the photo.


In Animal Crossing news, I did a bit of time leaping to stock up on artwork from Red's. There is a chance of getting fakes or repeats, so I figured go with quantity. I went back a year, leaped forward a month each time, got a bunch of artwork and I'll see what's good when I visit the museum. Sure seems like a lot of work for a virtual world, but it's fun.

Friday, January 09, 2009

For about $20-30, I managed to get enough to make my suit vaguely Victorian-ish for the KCCG tea tomorrow. I also scored the glue that was recommended by a friend, and have pulled a long neglected hat out of storage. A washing for the new shirt to remove the itch and a lint brush over the hat to remove the neglect and the costume is assembled. Now I'll make a call and arrange for my ride tomorrow.