Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kimono Making for Gaijin progress report...

I'm doing some work on my instruction sheet for kimono making. Drawing up the pics and such to show what goes where shows me how much more I have to add to make a complete guide. I may have to dumb it down a bit for the Naka-Kon workshop, because I'll only have so much time to show people how to measure and make the pattern, then fit it to themself. 10 squares to the inch graph paper (tabloid size) is perfect for drawing things out, which I'll scan in later and arrange on paper with the text instructions.

So I think that I have the middle pretty much drawn up fine, how you put the major pieces together, and a draft for how to take the initial measurements. Now I need to draw up the graphics on how to fit the garment to your personal measurements, sleeve and garment length options, and exactly what I'm going to draw up for the obi and maybe hakama is beyond me. I may just limit myself to the basic kimono and ignore the hakama.